Dalhousie University Scholarships 2024/2025- Application, Eligibility & Online Process

The 2023 fully funded scholarships offered by Dalhousie University shine brightly, epitomizing the institution’s commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and societal impact. With a rich history and a global reputation for quality education, Dalhousie University’s fully funded scholarships are more than financial aids; they are pathways to success, innovation, and meaningful contributions to the world.

A Commitment to Excellence

Dalhousie University, located in the vibrant city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, holds a longstanding reputation for academic excellence and research prowess. Its fully funded scholarships are a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders, researchers, and change-makers. These scholarships not only provide financial relief but also recognize and nurture individuals who demonstrate exceptional promise, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge.

Access for All

One of the hallmarks of Dalhousie University’s fully funded scholarships is their dedication to inclusivity and diversity. Recognizing that talent knows no boundaries, these scholarships are open to students from various disciplines, backgrounds, and countries. By offering fully funded opportunities, the university ensures that deserving students have the chance to pursue their educational aspirations regardless of financial constraints.

Transformative Impact

Beyond financial assistance, fully funded scholarships at Dalhousie University have a profound impact on the lives of recipients. These scholarships serve as catalysts for personal growth, intellectual exploration, and societal contribution. Fully funded scholars often engage in research projects, community initiatives, and extracurricular activities that demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility.

Global Influence

As fully funded scholarship recipients complete their studies and venture into the professional world, they become ambassadors of Dalhousie University’s values and mission. Their contributions to their fields, communities, and society echo the university’s commitment to creating positive change on a global scale. These scholars stand as living proof of the enduring impact of fully funded scholarships in shaping individuals and society.

Types of Scholarships

Dalhousie University offers a range of fully funded scholarships that cater to different levels of study and fields of interest. From undergraduate to postgraduate programs, these scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, research materials, and sometimes even additional stipends. This comprehensive support allows recipients to fully immerse themselves in their studies and research, unburdened by financial worries.

Application and Selection Process

The application process for Dalhousie University’s fully funded scholarships varies depending on the scholarship and the level of study. Generally, applicants need to apply for admission to their desired program and then indicate their interest in the available scholarships. Some scholarships might require additional materials, such as essays, recommendation letters, or interviews, to assess the applicant’s alignment with the scholarship’s values and potential for impact.

Dalhousie University Scholarship 2024-2025 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is offered for Masters and PhD studies. This scholarship is valued at $30,000 and covers monthly stipend, accommodation cost, fee waiver and health insurance.

The Harmonized Scholarship Process allows for a current/prospective student to be considered for several FGS-managed scholarships using a single application, including

Applicants, please consult your intended program of study for their internal deadline, which generally occurs in early December. All required application material should be submitted to your program of study by this internal deadline. Late submission may result in your application not being eligible for review.

The university is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is ranked one of the most friendly towns in the globe. Founded in 1818, it is one of Canada’s oldest universities.

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Scholarship Coverage

Dalhousie University Scholarships are of following types:

Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship

  • The Master’s level award is valued at $10,000/year for 2 years (subject to annual renewal).
  • Doctoral level awards are valued at $15,000/year for 4 years (subject to annual renewal).

Killam Predoctoral Scholarships

  • Master’s (Level 1): $6666.66 per term + ITF (international students) + relocation allowance (if applicable)
  • Doctoral (Level 2): $10000 per term + relocation allowance (if applicable) + President’s Award for two years.  Note that Dalhousie PhD programs no longer have International Tuition Fees applied.

Eliza Ritchie Doctoral Entrance Scholarship for Women

  • The Award is valued at $30,000 for a twelve-month academic year.
  • Candidates who hold other scholarships of any kind, including scholarships internal and external to Dalhousie University, will receive the Eliza Ritchie Doctoral Entrance Scholarship for Women as a “top-up award” to their other scholarship, the total not exceeding $30,000 per academic year or $10,000 per term.

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James Robinson Johnston Graduate Entrance Scholarship for African Canadians

  • The Master’s scholarship is valued at $15,000 for one twelve-month academic year of full-time study. The Award is renewable, subject to an annual progress review (scholarship-class standing required). The Award can be held for a maximum of 24 months of full-time study.
  • The Doctoral scholarship is valued at $19,000 for a twelve-month academic year. The Award is renewable, subject to an annual progress review (scholarship-class standing required). An Award can be held for a maximum of 36 months of full-time study.
  • Fees are not waived and must be paid out of the award.
  • One new award is made each year.
  • Candidates who hold other scholarships of any kind, including scholarships internal and external to Dalhousie University, will receive the James Robinson Johnston Graduate Entrance Scholarship for African Canadians as a “top-up award” to their other scholarship, the total not exceeding $20,000 per academic year for Master’s or $30,000 for Doctoral.

Vitamin Scholarship

  • The Award is valued at $19,000 (Masters) and $21,000 (Doctoral) for a 12-month academic year (one-two awards per year)

Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship

  • The scholarship is valued at $40,000 for one 12-month academic year of full-time study. The scholarship is renewable, subject to an annual progress review.
  • The award can be held for a maximum of 24 months of full-time study.
  • Fees are not waived and must be paid out of the award.
  • One new award is made each year.

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Eligibility Criteria for Dalhousie University Scholarships

To be eligible for Dalhousie University Scholarships, the applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries

For applications in the Master’s Competition:

  • Please review CGS-M Evaluation Criteria, which form the basis for ranking applications.
  • Written in clear, plain language, avoiding the use of jargon.
  • Consider reviewing the “Outline of proposed research (attachment)” section of the CGS-M instructions for recommendations on what to include in a strong research proposal.

For applications in the Doctoral Competition:

 Dalhousie University Scholarships Application Process

Please follow the following steps to apply for Dalhousie University Scholarships.

(1) Log into the FGS Scholarship Management Platform. If you already have a Dalhousie NetID, please select “Use Dalhousie NetID” to log in. If not, please enter an email address and create a password. It is only necessary to create one account, even if you intend to apply for multiple opportunities.

(2) Create a new scholarship application or edit an existing one by selecting from the “My Applications” list on your home page. Only one application per competition will be accepted by each applicant, so please do not submit multiple Harmonized Scholarship applications.

(3) Master’s applicants who have applied for the Tri-Agency CGS-M competition may choose to opt-in to use their CGS-M application within the Harmonized Scholarship Process. To do so, please select “Master’s Level – CGS-M Opt-In” as the submission category and proceed through the application.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies will link your CGS-M application to your opt-in form, including reference letters and transcripts submitted for the Tri-Agency CGSM competition. The deadline to Opt-in is December 1st (coinciding with the CGS-M application deadline set by Tri-Agency).  If you do not opt-in with your CGS-M application, you must complete a full Harmonized Scholarship Application to be considered for other awards.

(4) All applicants are encouraged to complete the self-identification questionnaire found in the Online Scholarship Platform. This allows administrators to ensure applicants are sorted into the review process for award opportunities with specific eligibility criteria. Information provided in this questionnaire is not visible to reviewers and will remain strictly confidential.

(5) Click “Next” at the bottom of each page to move through the application. Clicking “Save” will allow the applicant to close the application and return to it later to edit or update it.

(6) Official transcripts must be obtained and uploaded by the applicant directly in the scholarship portal as per the instructions found in the application. FGS will not provide copies of transcripts from admission applications. Transcripts from multiple institutions must be combined into a single PDF before uploading. Unofficial grade reports for current Dalhousie students may be used in lieu of official transcripts for the harmonized scholarship process.

(7) All reference letters must be submitted in the portal by the January 16, 2024 deadline (or February 15 in the case of non-thesis applicants).  The application portal will close to applicants and referees after this date and incomplete applications will not be forwarded for review.  Reference letters will not be accepted by email or in hard copy.  It is highly recommended that applicants advise their referees of a deadline a few days to one-week prior to January 14 in case of unforeseen emergencies or technical issues.  Applicants will receive an email notification from the portal and a “received” notation will appear in red by each referee’s name once their reference has been completed.  Please check the status of references frequently prior to the deadline.

(8) Agree to terms and conditions and click “Save and Finalize” to complete and submit the application.

Note: You may withdraw your application to make changes up until the January 15 deadline, including updating your transcripts with fall grades or making edits based on feedback received from your department.  If you withdraw your application, it must be resubmitted by the January 15th deadline to be considered.

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To know more about Dalhousie University Scholarships, please visit official website:

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Dalhousie University’s fully funded scholarships embody the essence of education as a transformative force. By providing financial support, recognition, and a platform for growth, these scholarships empower students to achieve their academic and personal aspirations. Through their journeys of learning, exploration, and innovation, fully funded scholars become integral players in advancing knowledge, making meaningful contributions, and shaping a brighter future for themselves and the world at large.


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