Empowering Higher Education in Africa Scholarships 2022/2023

Empowering Higher Education in Africa Scholarships 2023 for young researchers and lecturers.



The mission of this Specializing Master course is to support African Universities by contributing to upgrading their staff and nurturing a qualified generation of skilled young researchers and lecturers.

The specific objective is threefold:
– to increase the attendants’ knowledge about the global challenges of sustainable development and clarify the implications for the Continent
– to provide the attendants with tools to pursue research and education actions in this field and being able to transfer their knowledge within their home University
– to enforce the partnership between the attendants’ home Universities and Italian Universities




The Specializing Master aims to strengthen transversal knowledge on issues in line with Agenda 2030 and the Agenda 2063.

It is designed around 6 didactic modules (1 intro module, 2 transversal modules, 3 technical modules).
The overall objective is to nurture a qualified generation of skilled young researchers and lecturers on two main issues:


Teaching innovation projects and sustainability.

The course includes the assignment of a project work to be carried out in groups. This will allow the attendants to apply the knowledge acquired within the modules by writing a research proposal on a topic of interest for their home University or by designing the programme and the syllabus for a new teaching course aligned with the Specializing Master topics.



Admission is selective and the requirements are: 

1) Bachelor or Master of Science in disciplines connected to the topics of the Specializing Master:- copy of the degree in the original language and its translation into Italian/English/French or Spanish- copy of the transcripts with the list of exams in the original language and their translation into Italian/English/French or Spanish or Diploma Supplement- copy of a valid passport- Curriculum Vitae 2) Motivational letter by the candidate

3) Letter of support by the candidate’s home University, preferably issued on a headed letter by an institutional representative (head of the unit/department of the candidate) Moreover:- To hold a position in a local Universities (lectures, assistant, fellow researchers…) will be an additional asset of merit.- Good knowledge of written and oral English is requested, a language certification will also be an additional asset of merit




STEP 1– Upon the receipt of applications, the Department of Energy will assess the eligibility criteria as above described, for each applicant with respect to the degree requirement. Applicants who pass this first step will move on to step 2. The Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano will share the list of eligible candidates with the IHEA Foundation.

STEP 2 – The IHEA Foundation will identify, at its sole discretion, the applicants to be enrolled through evaluation of qualification, letter of motivation, and letter of support. Based on this evaluation IHEA Foundation, at its sole discretion, might invite for an individual interview a selected group of candidates.

During the interview the following elements will be assessed:- provided with the capacity to communicate clearly and accurately in spoken and written English- stimulated by Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, and Agenda 2063- endowed with good communication skills- committed to working on project work for his/her home university on one of the subjects of the Specializing Master- the availability to act as trainers of trainees within the home university to multiply the benefit and the impact of the Master in their home University The interview follows a defined structure and patterns will be supplied with the necessary template with questions for the interview and an interview assessment sheet.


To ensure transparency and quality of the interviews the interview is public. Individual applications will not be taken into consideration, as it is a requirement to be referred by the applicant’s home university. The Specializing Master will be available to additional postdoc fellows and young lecturers at full cost. The list of the selected candidates will be shared with the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano.




Scholarships covering the entire cost of the Specializing Master will be available for 35 applicants coming mainly from Ethiopian Higher Education and/or Research Institutes.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Empowering Higher Education in Africa Scholarships 2023


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